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What’s going on this weekend at Papa Franco’s?


Although we’re best known as a Canadian and Italian restaurant, Papa Franco’s likes to shake things up once in a while.


Here are just a few “food festivals” we have offered on select weekends:

Hunter’s Festival

Meals featuring wild meats including elk, caribou, ostrich, alligator and pheasant, served from mid-October to late November

July in January

Tropical-inspired dishes to eliminate the cold winter blues

In March

We feature dishes prepared with maple and birch syrup, to celebrate the year’s first harvest

Tour the World

Celebrating the authentic cuisine of different countries of regions of the world

Summer months

Offering a variety of fresh fish—some exotic, and some more local—every weekend during the warmest season of the year



Wondering which specialty is on the menu this weekend? 

Check out our Facebook feed above or just call us to find out! Reach us anytime at 705-335-2711.

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