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For more than 30 years, Papa Franco’s Restaurant has been a well-known and popular establishment in Kapuskasing.


Originally a diner, the restaurant underwent an evolution in 2010 under the current management—beginning with creating an Italian personality.


Two years later, our incredibly talented chef joined our team...and the refinement we’d been looking for started to be noticeable to others.


But we didn’t change things entirely. While we did improve the presentation and quality of our food as well as efficiency of service, we made sure to keep many meals in our menu that customers had grown to love over the years—only we made them better than ever!


In fall 2014, Papa Franco’s was completely renovated and expanded, adding 30% more seats and a bigger kitchen to introduce “authentic artisan pizza.” Our pizzas are made in a stunning wood-burning pizza oven from Italy, made with the best ingredients, homemade sauce and lots of special details.


To eat one of our pizzas is truly a unique experience!


At Papa Franco’s, we are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction.


That means providing fresh food, prepared in-house by our chefs (who have 35+ years of expertise combined), created with only the finest of ingredients.

 Where you always meet a friend!
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