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We host group gatherings

Need a place to host a casual party, formal occasion, or business meeting?


Papa Franco’s provides the location for your event—along with catering and bar services, if you need it!


Located right next door to the restaurant, Papa’s Hall can fit up to 75 people: making it a perfect site for a small gathering of friends, family and/or associates.

For hall booking and catering information, contact Joanne at 705-335-2711.

Catering options

  • Minimum 25 meals required

  • Lunch menus starting at $11.99 per person (menu ex: soup, sandwich, salad, tea or coffee)

  • Dinner menus starting at $15.99 per person (menu ex: lasagna, salad, tea or coffee)

Note: The prices above may vary depending on the time of year and day of the week; and are subject to change without notice. Gratuities and taxes are extra.

Reservation prices

 Where you always meet a friend!
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